Technifab provides an extensive suite of cryogenic products and services for customers across industrial gas supply and distribution chains. Our products are used in many applications, including food packaging, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, aerospace, medical gas, and industrial gas industries. Custom products are available upon request. Our design and engineering team will work with you to ensure your product will meet the highest standards.

Vacuum Jacketed Piping Systems

R-Series Piping

Techniguard R-Series

The best thermal performance gives big lifetime savings with minimal cryogen loss for Techniguard R-Series rigid vacuum insulated pipe. Maintenance-free and warrantied for ten years.

B-Series piping

Techniguard B-Series

Easier system layout, system configuration, and lower shipping costs compared to rigid pipe for our Techniguard B-Series bendable vacuum jacketed pipe. Compatible with R-Series piping. 

L-Series Piping

Techniguard L-Series

Techniguard L-Series reduces heat losses by more than a factor of 10 compared to a foam-covered pipe. Low maintenance Vacuum Jacketed Pipe (VJP) doesn’t require external vacuum pumps or pump maintenance.

Techflex Transfer Hoses | LHe Equipment

Vacuum Jacketed Transfer Hose

Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hoses

Durable, efficient, and maintenance-free Techflex Transfer Hoses deliver liquid quicker. The outer surface remains at room temperature and is safe to touch with bare hands.

Non-Vacuum Jacketed transfer hose

Non-Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hoses

A lightweight, less expensive Non-VJP transfer hose option when efficiency and frost are not an issue. Constructed of 300 Series Stainless Steel and come in standard lengths of 4,5,6,8,10 and 12 feet. Custom Lengths available.

Liquid Helium Equipment

Liquid Helium Equipment

High Efficiency, High-Quality Liquid Helium Transfer Equipment. Technifab provides the most efficient line of vacuum jacketed low heat-leak liquid helium transfer equipment anywhere.

VJP Equipment For System Improvements

Phase Separator

Phase Separators

Get saturated, lower-temperature liquid nitrogen and low gas content with Technifab Phase Separators—four models to choose from to meet your flow and pressure needs.

Gas Vents, Heaters, and Traps

Gas Vents  & Gas Traps

Technifab offers an extensive lineup of cryogenic transfer accessories, from Gas Heaters to Gas Traps and Vents. Technifab offers various gas accessories to meet your cryogenic transfer system needs.

Automatic Fill Station | TechniSwitch Tank Switchers

Automatic Fill Station control box

Automatic Fill Station 

The Automatic Fill Station (AFS-01) is designed to fill portable low-pressure liquid nitrogen dewars from a pipe system or bulk tank. The AFS-01 uses a cryogenic sensor to detect a “full” condition. Once full, cryogenic valves shut off the filling cycle, maintaining the liquid cylinder’s fill pressure. The liquid cylinder is ready for immediate use.

Tank Switcher

Techniswitch Tank Switcher

Technifab’s TS Series tank switchers provide continuous liquid nitrogen supply by automatically switching from the empty dewar to a full dewar. The TechniSwitch Tank Switchers are available in either a non-vacuum jacketed or vacuum jacketed version.

Techflow Valves

Vacuum Jacketed Valves

Vacuum Jacketed Valves

Solid closure at cryogenic temperatures with 
Techflow Vacuum Jacketed Valves.

We make pipe and tube sizes from 1/2”
to 2” IPS with and without actuators.

Non-Vacuum Jacketed Valves

Non-Vacuum Jacketed Valves

Techflow ASME non-vj valves provide a bubble-tight closure and a tighter seal at cryogenic temperatures.

Available in pipe sizes from ½” to 4” IPS.

E-Stop valve

E-Stop Valves

Emergency stop valves help keep your production area safer. These valves are wired to an emergency stop push-button switch that stops the flow of cryogens. It can be connected to an Oxygen Monitor to automatically prevent additional cryogen flow in case of low oxygen levels.

Accessories | Custom Dewars | CNC Manufacturing

Cryogenic Accessories

Cryogenic Accesories

We have accessories available for your convenience. We have every dewar accessory needed to handle liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic liquid. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as aprons, gloves, and masks are always in stock.

Custom Dewar is designed and manufactured by Technifab.

Custom Dewars

We have an in-house engineering and design team capable of creating custom dewars for all your cryogenic needs. Our engineering team is part of every step of your custom cryogenic solution’s development and implementation process. 

CNC Machining materials

CNC Machining & Design

Manufacturing and Design Capabilities offer multi-axis CNC machining, JIT delivery requirements and tight cost controls.