LHe Transfer Equipment

High Efficiency, High Quality Liquid Helium Transfer Equipment


Lower helium transfer time with our balanced thermal performance designs.

Super-insulated vacuum jacket that is evacuated and sealed, no repumping  needed.

Bayonets and adaptors designed to mate to your existing system

Standard and custom stingers for cryostats, MRI and NMR equipment, and dewars.
We’ve got over 25 years of experience making products like yours.


Non corrosive, non-magnetic 300 series stainless steel components to give you the best weight to strength ratio.

Safe to use around MRI and other magnetic fields.

Cold shocking and helium mass spectrometer testing are standard.


Bayonet joints, Compressed Gas Association (CGA) end fittings, and National Pipe Thread (NPT) connections

Diptubes in different diameters, lengths and optional threaded tips. In-line vacuum jacketed shut-off angle and globe valves.

Maximum flexibility and durability with stainless steel spiral wrap. Braided also available.

Technifab provides the most efficient vacuum jacketed low heat-leak liquid helium transfer equipment anywhere! Our products include:

Liquid Helium Stingers

Liquid Helium Stingers to fill standard dewars, specialty equipment, and MRI units. Thin wall construction reduces cool down losses and total transfill time.

VJ Manifolds

Vacuum Jacketed Manifolds for transfill stations and other applications. Fully jacketed valves and connections to prevent icing and frost.

High Efficiency Transfer Hoses

High Efficiency Transfer Hoses that minimize helium losses. Available in standard and custom configurations to meet your needs.

VJ Valves

Vacuum Jacketed Valves integrated with transfer hoses or manifolds. We also sell valves separately.