Techniguard™ Bendable Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

Techniguard B-Series bendable pipe
  • Lengths up to 60 feet (19 meter).
  • Choice of external covering to best fit your application needs.
  • Choice of end connections.
  • Valves, gas traps, gas vents, and thermocouple vacuum gauge tubes can be added.
  • ASME B31.3, CRN (Canadian Registration Number) and liquid oxygen certification available.


  • Provides a more cost effective installation than rigid pipe with only a small loss in performance.
  • Utilizes a bendable design that minimizes heat leakage when VJP is bent.
  • Low maintenance Vacuum Jacketed Pipe (VJP) doesn’t require external vacuum pumps or pump maintenance.
  • Close-tolerance bayonets eliminate the need for field welding or soldering and allow easy system reconfiguration.
  • Can be coiled for less expensive packaging and shipping.

Easy to Install

  • Simplifies cryogenic system layout, reducing the need for precise system measurements.
  • Lower install cost than foam covered pipe or pipe with foam joints.
  • Easy connections with our standardized bayonets to other R-Series and B-Series VJP.
  • No cryogenic piping experience is required for installation.


  • Stainless steel inner and outer construction for maximum strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Vacuum and multi-layer super insulation creates a low heat transfer rate which minimizes cryogenic liquid boil-off.
  • Embedded getter materials absorb outgassed molecules in the vacuum space. Pipe is heated during evacuation to remove molecules that can outgas later.
  • Bayonet connections provide an easy connection between cryogenic lines.
  • Liquid nitrogen, CO2, argon, and hydrogen ready; Liquid oxygen option is available.


ModelInner Diameter
Inches (mm)
Available Outer CoveringsOutside Diameter
Inches (mm)
psig (bar)
Minimum Bend Radius
Inches (cm)
lb/ft (kg/m)
B501/2 (13)Heat Shrink,
Armor, Braided
1-7/8 (48)
2 (51)
150 (10.3)10 (25)1.0 (1.5)
B655/8 (16)Heat Shrink, Armor2-1/4 (57)
2-1/2 (64)
150 (10.3)13 (33)1.6 (2.3)
B1001 (25)Heat Shrink, Armor2.6 (66)
3.1 (79)
150 (10.3)15 (38)2.3 (3.4)
B1251-1/4 (32)Heat Shrink, Armor;
3.5 (89)
3.9 (97)
150 (10.3)17 (43)3.1 (4.6)
B1501-1/2 (38)Braided4 (100)150 (10.3)19 (48)4.0 (6.0)
B2002 (51)Braided5.1 (130)150 (10.3)27 (69)5.9 (8.8)