Various industries use Technifabs products, from aerospace and healthcare to the food industry. Let us create a solution for you! We develop solutions for any industry because

We Know Cryo®.


Technifab is built on quality. Our products are ASME-certified and perform better than all competitors regarding transfer efficiency. Don’t settle for anything less than Technifab Products!


We don’t just manufacture products; we can handle the entire process or any part you’d like. Our experience and expertise are ideal for cryogenic system design, product manufacturing, service, and repair.


Complete Cryogenic Solutions means we handle the entire process for you. With over 30 years of experience, we have created solutions for every type of business. Our cryogenic equipment is trusted and relied on daily within the Aerospace and Healthcare industry. Technifab’s cryogenic equipment, such as our Phase SeparatorsVaccum Jacketed Pipe, and Cryogenic Transfer Equipment, is used in millions of food and drink products annually. 

Technifab is the best way to ensure that your requirements are met from initial start-up through years of service. Our experience includes liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid helium, and cryogenic fluids. Technifab’s knowledge, experience, commitment to quality, and reputation are part of everything we deliver.

Technifab Complete Cryogenic Solutions


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Technifab designs, manufactures, and installs cryogenic equipment, including vacuum jacketed pipe, transfer hoses, dewars, and vacuum jacketed valves.

  • Our industry-leading warranty backs our Techniguard TM rigid and bendable pipes
  • Technifab’s liquid helium transfer hoses outperformed the competition in independent tests.
  • We manufacture ASME and liquid oxygen-certified equipment.
  • We offer complete installation services out of our three regional offices
  • Technifab’s Phase Separators deliver high-quality, low-temperature, saturated, pure liquid nitrogen at consistent, adjustable pressures.
  • For more information on cryogenics and cryogenic liquid transfer, check out our Resource Library