Phase Separators

Technifab’s Phase Separators deliver high quality, low temperature, saturated,
liquid nitrogen at consistent pressures.


  • Consistent liquid nitrogen delivery, dramatically improving process control and efficiency.

  • Easily adjust output pressure for all back pressure models. User friendly PLC controls.

  • Vacuum‐jacketed vessel for virtually frost‐free operation.

  • Allen Bradley PLC. Digital display with liquid level and pressure readings.

  • Easy-to-use operator controls.


  • Scientific Instruments

  • Environmental Chambers

  • High Volume Industrial Applications

  • Food Freezing

  • MBE

  • LN2 Injection

Specifications – ASME Units Available

Number of Liquid Outlets1, 2 or 4 1, 6 or 8 1 1
Continuous Flow Rate3.3 gallons/minute
(12.5 liters/minute)
9.9 gallons/minute
(37.5 liters/minute)
30.5 gallons/minute
(115.5 liters/minute)
.5 gallons/minute
(1.8 liters/minute)
Maximum Withdrawal Rate29 gallons/minute
(110 liters/minute)
220 gallons/minute
(830 liters/minute)
42 gallons/minute
(159 liters/minute)
.5 gallons/minute
(1.8 liters/minute)
Working Liquid Capacity 2.6 gallons
(9.8 liters)
19.5 gallons
(73.8 liters)
15.3 gallons
(58 liters)
.27 gallons
(1 liter)
Vessel Liquid Nitrogen Capacity6.2 gallons
(23.5 liters)
19.5 gallons
(73.8 liters)
22 gallons
(67 liters)
.27 gallons
(1 liter)
Dimensions, Vessel
(w/o valves & probe)
33.4"L x 22"W x 34"H
(84.8cm x 56cm x 86cm)
47"L x 22W x 23.5"H
(135cm x 56cm x 86cm)
102"H x 32"W x 13"D
(259cm x 56cm x 86cm)
6"D x 9.8"W x 31.3"H
(15cm x 30cm x 86cm)
Vessel Assembly Weight (empty)85 - 135 lbs
(39 - 61 kg)
155 - 215 lbs
(70.3 - 97.5 kg)
270 lbs
(122 kg)
27 lbs
(12 kg)
Vessel Assembly Weight (Full) 123 - 196 lbs
(56 - 89 kg)
200 - 240 lbs
(91 - 110 kg)
490 lbs
(222 kg)
29.1 lbs
(13.2 kg)


Power Input110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power Usage200 watts max (Based on Vent Heater) 40 watts max (Based on Power Supply)
Dimensions12"H x 12"W x 6"D
(31cm x 31cm x 15cm)
10"H x 10"W x 6"D
(25cm x 25cm x 15cm)

Control Box & Software Features

Technifab Phase Separators are consistent and adjustable and tout the most user-friendly software available within the phase separator market. In addition, we use Allen Bradley PLCs to deliver you the best user experience. Password-protected screens ensure that your system is safeguarded and give you the peace of mind that your system will deliver high quality, low temperature, saturated, liquid nitrogen at consistent pressures.

Ps ControlBox

Security Safeguard: The first screen that loads when the control box is turned on. This allows you to quickly begin running. There are also Login and Logout buttons. These are designed to password protect different areas of the software in order to safeguard the your company’s unique process.

One-Button Startup: This is the screen that will be visible during normal operation. Press “RUN” and the system will being to fill and modulate liquid level and pressure. No human interaction is needed past this point.

Easy to Navigate: Quickly jump from one screen to the next on the maintenance screen. Access alarms, advanced configuration and change your password from this screen.

Set Points: Easily and accurately adjust the phase separator’s settings to your unique process requirements with a our touch-screen interface.

Maintenance Mode: Manually control the inlet valve, vent valve, and heater within your phase separator.

Modbus Configuration: The Modbus Configuration Screen allows the user to view information regarding the Modbus RTU protocol. This product is designed to operate as a Modbus RTU slave.


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