Techniguard™ Rigid Vacuum Jacketed Pipe


  • Rigid Vacuum Jacketed Piping offers you the best return on your investment because it has the lowest heat leak, highest efficiency and longest life cycle. When compared to foam insulated pipe, vacuum jacketed pipe saves on installation and operating costs.

  • The high efficiency minimizes boil off and liquid losses saving you money in operating expenses and reducing cryogen use.

  • Our wide selection of pipe sizes and accessories allows you to use Technifab’s high quality workmanship for your complete system.

  • Ten year warranty provides worry free operation.

  • Vacuum jacketed pipe provides the lowest maintenance expenses because it doesn’t require operation shut downs for vacuum pump repairs.


  • Close-tolerance bayonets reduce installation or reconfiguration costs.
  • Stainless steel inner and outer construction provides maximum strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Embedded getter materials absorb out gassed molecules in the vacuum space for longer life. Pipe is heated during evacuation to remove molecules that can out gas later.
  • Standardized bayonets make easy connections between our R-Series and B-Series vacuum jacketed pipe.
  • No Vacuum Pump is needed. 


  • Liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, and hydrogen ready; liquid oxygen and helium options are available.
  • Use in pharmaceutical, biological storage and research, food and beverage, metal tempering, rubber deflashing, electronics manufacturing and testing applications.
  • ASME B31.3, CRN (Canadian Registration Number) and LOX service certification is available upon request.
  • Cold shocking and helium mass spectrometer testing are standard.
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Customize Your Setup

Pipe can be specified to your needs.

  • Custom lengths and configurations.
  • Choice of end connections.
  • Cryogenic Valves can be installed in-line.
  • Gas Traps and Gas Vents.
  • Thermocouple vacuum gauge tubes.
  • Bayonets up to 4” IPS.

* Accessories not available in all pipe sizes


ModelNominal Pipe Size
Inner Diameter
Inches (mm)
Outside Diameter
Inches (mm)
MAWP psig (bar)Dry Weight
lb/ft (kg/m)
R50T1/2 x 1-1/2 (1*)
.43 (11)1.50 (38)150 (10.3)1.2 (1.7)
R65T5/8 x 1-1/2 (1*).56 (14.2)1.90 (48)150 (10.3)1.5 (2.2)
R501/2 x 2.71 (18)2-3/8 (60)150 (10.3)2.3 (3.2)
R753/4 x 2.92 (23.4)2-3/8 (60)150 (10.3)2.2 (3.4)
R1001 x 2-1/21.19 (30.2)2-7/8 (73)150 (10.3)3.4 (5.0)
R1501-1/2 x 31.77 (45)3-1/2 (89)150 (10.3)4.4 (6.5)
R2002 x 42.25 (57.2)4-1/2 (114)150 (10.3)5.6 (8.3)
R3003 x 53.33 (85.6)5-9/16 (141)150 (10.3)9.5 (14.1)
R4004 x 64.33 (110)6-5/8 (168)150 (10.3)11.7 (17.4)
R600 (2*)6 x 86.41 (162.8)8-5/8 (219)150 (10.3)17.7 (26.3)
R800 (2*)8 x 108.41 (213.6)10-3/4 (273)150 (10.3)25.4 (37.8)
R1000 (2*)10 x 1210.48 (266.2)12-3/4 (323.9)150 (10.3)37.7 (56.1)

Rigid pipe is made with welded or seamless ASTM A312 or A269.
1* Stainless steel tubing, not Nominal Pipe Size (NPS).
Refer to LT-33604 for more information on Technifab’s Techniguard Vacuum Insulated Tubing.
2* Available with field joint connections only.