Technifab Keeps Cold Liquids Colder

Technifab specializes in the storage, transfer, and control of cryogenic fluids. Technifab designs, builds and installs cryogenic liquid systems along with providing the assistance customers need to make a cryogenic delivery system work. Cryogenic liquids used in Technifab equipment include liquid nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, oxygen, CO2, LNG and others. Technifab’s products have been used throughout the semiconductor manufacturing and testing industry. Cryogenic liquids can remove heat from the manufacturing processes and also may be used to purge unwanted gases or create inert environments in critical process areas. Another common use is with environmental chambers, which often use liquid nitrogen to achieve and maintain desired temperatures. Recirculating chillers can use Technifab lines to circulate their cold fluids.


Techflex Transfer Hoses

Durable, efficient, and maintenance free, Techflex transfer hoses deliver liquid quicker. The outer surface remains at room temperature and is safe to touch with bare hands.

Techniguard­­ Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

Lower cryogenic liquid losses, more consistent liquid flow, and significant lifetime savings occur with Techniguard vacuum insulated pipe. Technifab’s bayonet connections between pipe sections simplify installation and allow easier assembly – even reconfiguration. Vacuum jacketing significantly lowers heat transfer giving a significant reduction, often elimination, of the dripping and sweating, along with improved durability versus other forms of cryogenic insulation.

Techflow Cryogenic Valves

Technifab makes vacuum-insulated pipe and tube-size valves from 1/2” to 2” IPS with and without actuators. Designed for solid closure at cryogenic temperatures, vacuum insulation reduces heat ingress and can reduce valve cavitation. They also offer standard unjacketed cryogenic valves.

Liquid Helium Equipment

Technifab makes a variety of standard and custom equipment for ultracold helium. Their helium equipment outperforms the competition in independent testing from manifolds to specialty hoses and helium stingers.

Custom and Laboratory Dewars

Technifab manufactures vacuum-insulated dewars for many varied applications. Technifab dewars are used in labs
for liquid nitrogen. Other custom OEM applications for low-noise electromagnet sensors and delivering medical vaccines
include remote African villages.

Liquid Nitrogen Phase Separators

Phase separators provide saturated, lower-temperature liquid nitrogen with lower gas content and more consistent temperatures. Technifab offers four different models to meet customer application needs.

Technifab has grown from its inception in 1992 to an operation with global distribution. Since moving to the existing Indiana location in 1995, the building has been expanded four times to meet customer needs. The California regional office was added in 2010, and a third facility in Houston, Texas, was added in 2013. A separate division and new facility, Technifab CNC Manufacturing, was opened in 2014 in response to the demand for precision machining that other firms found challenging to meet.